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USI Affinity Announces Creation of Online Insurance Exchanges for Association Partners

Philadelphia, PA - August 12, 2013 – USI Affinity has announced that it is creating online insurance exchanges for its association partners and their members. These exchanges are convenient and secure online portals where association members can find competitively priced insurance coverages for all their needs, from healthcare plans to life and disability insurance to auto and home coverage and more. In some cases the exchanges will allow members to shop for coverage, compare quotes from several different carriers, and even apply for and purchase coverage online in a safe and secure environment. As one of the nation’s largest affinity brokers, with more than 400 affinity clients and 500,000 customers across the United States, USI Affinity’s size, experience and market leverage allow them to offer options with unique advantages in coverage, price and service.

“With the changes coming from Health Care Reform and the Affordable Care Act, we want to provide our association partners and their members a resource to help them prepare and provide a more complete solution for their insurance needs,” said Brian McLaughlin, Vice President of Benefits for USI Affinity. “USI Affinity’s size and our relationships with so many of the nation’s top insurance carriers gives us access to a tremendous variety of medical and dental plans on a national basis, plus individual products and even unique non-insurance benefits also, like wellness plans and retail cash back programs. These exchanges allow us to bring that all together in one easy to use location.”

But the exchanges are about much more than simply providing easy access to an extensive array of insurance products. A big part of making sense of those choices is the advice that USI Affinity provides. The USI Affinity team’s experience, knowledge and resources give them the ability to guide individuals and smaller employers on optimal plan design, as well as educate associations and their members on ever-changing healthcare and benefits landscape, including guidance on the regulatory and compliance issues around Health Care Reform.

“The exchanges were created as a comprehensive collection of insurance and non-insurance solutions to help our Association partners drive membership and, in the area of health care coverage, help them differentiate themselves in the small and individual marketplace,” McLaughlin said. “But in the end, it’s the team behind the exchange that really makes us stand out. Our benefits specialists deliver for smaller employers a level of creativity in plan design and financing solutions usually reserved for much larger groups. And our dedicated team of client service professionals is always there, advocating for our clients and helping resolve issues, from administrative and claims issues to complex clinical questions.”

USI Affinity will be introducing these new online insurance exchange websites over the next few months. To learn more about how USI Affinity can help your association or organization, contact Mike Murphy at (610) 537-1323 or send an email.

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