Directors and Officers Liability Insurance for Exponent Philanthropy Members

Directors & Officers Liability Insurance


Directors & Officers Liability Insurance is critical for small foundations in today’s environment.

Even for foundations with few or no staff, the risk of litigation is real and rising. That’s why USI Affinity, in conjunction with Philadelphia Insurance Companies (PIC), developed a Directors & Officers (D&O) Liability Insurance Program especially for members of Exponent Philanthropy. This unique program features broad coverage and exceptional pricing for foundations with five or fewer paid staff.

Important Questions:

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  • One annual deductible in place of the typical per claim deductible
  • Easy, automatic renewal. Reapplication is not required unless you wish to make changes to your coverage. (subject to change)
  • Publication liability coverage for newsletters or other materials distributed
  • Protection against punitive, multiple, or exemplary damages
  • Flexible claims handling process, giving foundations the option to recommend defense control
  • Antitrust and funds mismanagement coverage (unless due to fraud or dishonesty)
  • "True" entity coverage — recognizing that the foundation may be the only defendant named in a lawsuit
  • Marital estate and outside director coverage
  • Access to Loss Assistance Hotline, providing up to two free hours of legal consultation (per policy period)
  • Prior acts protection for qualifying foundations that have maintained continual claims-made coverage
  • Optional fiduciary liability coverage for foundations handling employee benefit programs (separate application and additional fees required)

As an Exponent Philanthropy member in good standing, you are eligible for coverage at the premiums shown if your foundation meets the following criteria:

  • Employs five or fewer paid staff
  • Is not registered in AK, CT, KY, LA and TN
  • Has no previous D&O claims history

If you do not meet these qualifications, you may still be eligible for coverage at the program’s standard rates.

Please call USI Affinity for coverage options.

Who Is Covered?
  • Your foundation
  • Volunteer leaders and committee members
  • Full- and part-time employees
  • Heirs/estates
  • Lawful spouses of directors and officers
What Is Covered?

Legal defense costs — even when allegations are groundless or false. These costs are not applied to liability limits. Covered legal defense costs include:

  • Administrative body regulatory proceedings, such as matters involving IRS or state agencies
  • Civil lawsuits

Claims damages, subject to the deductible and liability limits (i.e., coverage) you elect.

  • Deductibles from $0 to $10,000
  • Liability limits from $1 million to $5 million

Note: Does not cover fines or penalties in matters involving regulatory or administrative agencies.

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