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Lawyers’ Professional Liability

USI Affinity is proud to offer the Attorneys’ Preferred Insurance Program, which focuses on addressing the most commonly overlooked gaps in coverage to mitigate claims before they arise.

The program offers a proprietary, comprehensive Lawyers' Professional Liability to attorneys and law firms in various states across the US.

USI Affinity is a leading insurance broker for Lawyers’ Professional Liability and we have been in the business of providing Lawyers’ Professional Liability for over 50 years. We understand your business and the risks that attorneys and law firms face every day.

Policy Highlights:

  • *NEW* - Fee Suit Avoidance – In an effort to reduce counter claims for malpractice brought on from suits for fees - the Attorneys’ Preferred policy covers up to $10,000 reimbursement for an unpaid fee.
  • Settlement Control – Removing the “Hammer Clause” - We give you the ability to determine when you should settle.
  • Breach Event Expenses and Cyber Investigation Expenses – Coverage for breach event expenses directly resulting from a privacy or security breach. As well as coverage for cyber investigation expenses directly resulting from a regulatory investigation regarding a Privacy Breach or Security Breach.
  • License Protection – Should disciplinary proceedings be brought against you; your policy will cover up to $50,000 for expenses related to the proceedings.
  • Subpoena Assistance – Professional subpoena assistance and reimbursement up to the policy limit for all reasonable attorneys' fees and other costs related to the subpoena response.
  • Loss of Earnings – Reimbursement of up to $500 per day, $25,000 per claim and $50,000 per policy period for any loss of earnings endured from court appearances when responding to a claim.
  • Reputation Coverage – Should your firm be negatively impacted due to false accusations made publicly, the Attorneys’ Preferred policy covers up to $25,000 reimbursement of reasonable fees, costs and expenses for consulting services provided by a public relations firms for each crisis event, up to $50,000 for all crisis events in a policy period.

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Why USI Affinity?

With over 50 years of experience in providing LPL and covering more than 40,000 attorneys nationwide, USI Affinity knows what it takes to protect attorneys from malpractice claims. As a broker, we are working continuously with our carriers to ensure that our product offering addresses the most common gaps seen in today’s policies.

The USI ONE Advantage®

To analyze our clients' business issues and challenges, our property & casualty team leverages USI ONE®, a fundamentally different approach to risk management. USI ONE integrates proprietary business analytics with a network of local and national technical experts in a team based consultative planning process to evaluate the client’s risk profile and identify targeted solutions. Clients then receive tailored recommendations for improving their total cost of risk. To learn more about USI ONE and the USI ONE Advantage®, contact your local USI team today.

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